Reflections of a recovering rescuer

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I have been a Rescuer my whole life, as long as I can remember. I’ve needed to protect, nurture and save others. It all sounds very kind and loving, doesn’t it? But there’s a darker side to being a Rescuer…like offering unsolicited advice; doing things for others (thereby not allowing them to do it for … Read more

The powerful butterfly

butterfly transformation symbol

My kids love The Hungry Caterpillar but today I want to talk about the powerful butterfly. Although butterflies are only here for a short time they bring joy to those who see them. Have you ever chased a butterfly through a field, or seen a child doing it, laughing with glee? Perhaps you’ve been lucky … Read more

It’s OK to feel your feelings

I wanted to get this out there: it’s ok to feel your feelings. So often we put a brave face on or bury our feelings down so we don’t think about them… but they have a habit of bubbling back up to the surface. I can always tell when our eldest daughter is struggling with … Read more