Measuring your self-worth

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A client had been talking aloud about how she kept finding herself wanting to step in and help people. Suddenly, she paused, then she said “I think my self worth is tied to recognition” then, she went silent. I could see the processing happening as the lightbulb went off in her mind. I love these … Read more

How do you cultivate your creativity?

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Are you creative? How do you demonstrate your creativity? (If you believe you are creative). When I was young I loved to make those pictures that built up in layers. I thought I had ‘nice’ handwriting (though not as beautiful as my Dad’s) and I dabbled a bit in writing poetry – an outlet for … Read more

What’s your biggest challenge right now?

overcoming challenges charlotte ashley-roberts careers coach cambridgeshire

What’s your biggest challenge right now? I ask this question a lot. Often I ask it as part of a coaching session, but sometimes I ask in the groups I facilitate. Occasionally it is asked as an interview question. Sometimes it feels like we have challenges everywhere we look – so what to do when … Read more

Managing your career during Covid-19

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I wanted to write a blog post about managing your career during Covid-19 because I am having similar conversations with clients and I realised I hadn’t said all of this openly. It’s OK to have no headspace for your career right now I feel like it’s really important to say this. As I talk to … Read more

Why lockdown is the perfect time to plan your career

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Many of us are in lockdown as we try and stop the Covid-19 virus from spreading. I’m seeing lots of stories of people getting those jobs done that they’ve been putting off. I have done it myself, sorting all the girls’ clothes out as they’ve grown; decluttering the office and tidying up the garden. We … Read more