How to use LinkedIn effectively

using LinkedIn for job searching careers coach charrlotte ashley_roberts

I’m in the process of moving from Facebook to LinkedIn. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I find I’m using Facebook less frequently both professionally and personally. I’ve used LinkedIn since I was at university. It’s pretty useful for keeping up with people I’ve met professionally. I’ve also used it to find jobs, … Read more

Reflection: making space for growth

power of reflection for growth career coaching cambridgeshire

As the kids have gone back to school it’s given me some much needed time alone to work on myself and my business. I’ve had two coaching sessions in the last week, both for me as the coachee. One with my own coach and another as part of a supervisory session. One of the things … Read more

It’s OK to change your mind

changing direction career coaching cambridgeshire

Have you ever found yourself some way down a path and knowing that you should probably turn back? Maybe curiosity takes you forward or perhaps a stubbornness, because, well you made the choice and you’re gonna see it through. Maybe fear has you paralysed. Whatever is going on, it’s ok to stop, check a map … Read more

5 opportunities for women in leadership

strategies for women in leadership coaching charlotte ashley-roberts career coach cambridgeshire

As women, we face different challenges in the workplace to our male colleagues, particularly in positions of leadership. These range from being held to a higher standard than our male counterparts to having to contend with old-fashioned notions such as choosing between “a career or a child?”. Still, in 2020, women-owned firms are in a … Read more

Do you wish you didn’t put things off?

procrastination personal coaching cambridgeshire charlotte ashley-roberts

How I wish I didn’t put things off! Let me give you an example: My friend had kindly taken the kids to the park. We’d put the car seats in the car and when she returned I went out to put them back in. Inevitably, by then all the kids were tired and hungry and … Read more