Tips for building a portfolio career

When I heard a career being described as a portfolio career I had no idea what the person was talking about. The concept, however, is simple: you work a number of jobs that individually would be part-time/voluntary/flexible but combine to create a full-time role (or salary). They can be whatever you want them to be. … Read more

5 tips for virtual interviews

The other day I was listening to a client telling me about her interview. It had gone well but she said she needed tips for dealing with virtual interviews. I asked her to be really specific, she sighed and said she felt different with it not being face to face.¬†As we explored this she explained … Read more

Your feelings are valid

it's ok to feel frustrated in lockdown charlotte ashley-roberts coach

She asked me as she passed by “how’s it going, you know?”. I knew what she meant. Of course, I knew. It’s all any of us are talking about. Lockdown learning. “Yeah, it’s going well,” I said, “better than last time, the learning is more structured which works better for us”. She couldn’t feign her … Read more