Are you on cruise control?

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When we bought a new car after our third daughter arrived my partner pointed out it had cruise control. I was terrified. I hated the idea that the car was in control. He used it all time and I thought it was weird. I asked loads of questions like: What if you need to slow … Read more

You have the power to create your future

During 2020/21 I have supported over 100 people looking for work. Many of them had been made redundant. Some were taking this as an opportunity for doing something new, others wanted to remain in a similar kind of role. We talked about taking control of their career and the power to create their future.  Take … Read more

Lessons from a year in lockdown

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It’s almost 1 year to the day since my partner caught coronavirus and we went into self-isolation. The week after, the whole country plunged into lockdown one. 361 days later here’s what I learned from our year in lockdown:   10 lessons from a year in lockdown   We’re in the same storm, but not … Read more

One simple reason you’re stuck in your goals

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I was listening to a client the other day talking about her goals. She was setting SMART goals, making an action plan and yet she was feeling stuck. As I listened I pondered. Then it became clear what was going on. Let me share one simple reason you’re stuck in your goals. Every decision has … Read more