Act now, not tomorrow


What’s stopping you achieving your goals? 

What is holding you back? There are lots of things which stop us reaching our goals, some easier to ‘fix’ than others. Here are nine common barriers:

  1. pursuing too many things
  2. unrealistic goals 
  3. lack of focus (If it’s too much in the past or in the future then your focus may be in the wrong place)
  4. you keep doing the same things over and over again
  5. fear
  6. comparing yourself to others
  7. impatience
  8. procrastination
  9. are you rationalising?

Here’s a simple trick: List 3 goals you want to achieve. Then list which habits you’re doing right now that are stopping you from reaching them…

Now ask yourself what you can change and what you need to do to move to the next step.

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