How do you know if you are a leader?

I have been thinking about what leadership means recently. Triggered in part by a question I was asked: how do you know if you’re a leader?    What is leadership? Defining leadership is really hard because everyone has a different opinion on what leadership is and what makes a good leader. Do they have good … Read more

We don’t have to catch up

slow down fomo charlotte ashley-roberts coach

It’s May 2021 and we are now allowed to hug (if we want to). As I hugged my friend I felt this relief and huge emotional release. It’s really hard to explain. We joked that we had so much hugging to catch up on. As we went our separate ways I pondered this thought. Do … Read more

The benefits of working with a coach to reach your goals

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It’s International Coaching week and so I thought I might write a piece on the benefits of working with a coach to reach your goals. I’m fortunate enough to have been the coach and the coachee and wanted to share both sides of my experience. Let’s start with the basics:  What is coaching?  Coaching is about … Read more

Is your career stuck in a rut?

Getting your career back on track career coaching cambridgeshire charlotte ashley-roberts

Want to know one of the most common reasons that people come to me for career coaching? They feel stuck in a rut. Whilst we all experience ups and downs in our jobs, being stuck in a rut is different. It’s deeper, a more chronic and consistent feeling, not dissimilar to a feeling of groundhog … Read more

There is no failure, only feedback

change coaching charlotte ashley-roberts career coach

Change comes from action, not from intellectual understanding. This action results in feedback and learning. You could consider it a lifelong experiment on you, where you move towards your goals, live your values and challenge your limiting beliefs about yourself and others. There is no failure, only feedback.    Failure is not a person i.e. … Read more