How to ride the rollercoaster of self-employment

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Ah, the rollercoaster of self-employment. One minute you’re up and the next you’re hurtling towards the ground with astonishing speed. It’s an exciting ride, that’s for sure. As part of my series of blogs on change, I wanted to talk about the change involved with running your own business. One of the biggest lessons I … Read more

Are you a leader of change?

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One of my favourite pictures of change is that one where the leader says “who wants change?” and everyone puts their hands up. Then the leader asks “who wants to change?” and everyone looks at the floor. Change is hard sometimes hard, especially when we don’t choose it but what if we change our perspective … Read more

How to cope with change

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We all have to cope with change. As Benjamin Disraeli¬†said: “Change is inevitable. Change is constant” Change can be positive e.g. seeing your business grow, it can be painful e.g. losing someone you love. Change can feel like it’s within your control e.g. applying for a new role or outside your control e.g. being made … Read more

3 benefits of a mindful career

mindfulness in your career

There are many benefits of a mindful career and I want to share some of those with you today. First though, so we are clear, a mindful career is one in which you make conscious decisions rather than steering your career on autopilot. Do you remember how you got into work today? Or perhaps you … Read more

How to deal with uncertainty

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“The key to change is learning to deal with uncertainty,” I said. In fact, it was the fourth time I had said it this week. I could hear them nodding on the phone. “I know” they said… “but how?”. Uncertainty is something very few people¬†enjoy. It shows up when we are made redundant; when we … Read more