What is your leadership USP?

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I have been updating my website (more about that soon!). Although I intended to only update the copy on the site, the course I attended took me right back to basics. Something I didn’t realise I needed – not unlike the coaching process!  I had to look at my values, the reason I got into … Read more

How do you know if you are a leader?

I have been thinking about what leadership means recently. Triggered in part by a question I was asked: how do you know if you’re a leader?    What is leadership? Defining leadership is really hard because everyone has a different opinion on what leadership is and what makes a good leader. Do they have good … Read more

We don’t have to catch up

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It’s May 2021 and we are now allowed to hug (if we want to). As I hugged my friend I felt this relief and huge emotional release. It’s really hard to explain. We joked that we had so much hugging to catch up on. As we went our separate ways I pondered this thought. Do … Read more

The benefits of working with a coach to reach your goals

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It’s International Coaching week and so I thought I might write a piece on the benefits of working with a coach to reach your goals. I’m fortunate enough to have been the coach and the coachee and wanted to share both sides of my experience. Let’s start with the basics:  What is coaching?  Coaching is about … Read more