One simple reason you’re stuck in your goals

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I was listening to a client the other day talking about her goals. She was setting SMART goals, making an action plan and yet she was feeling stuck. As I listened I pondered. Then it became clear what was going on. Let me share one simple reason you’re stuck in your goals. Every decision has … Read more

Are women better leaders than men?

I was reading ‘Time To Think’ by Nancy Kline a few weeks ago and she discussed the idea that women have moved into positions of leadership by adopting men’s conditioning, seeing it as the best way to lead and have influence.    “This is not progress. Women have been encouraged to be like men when … Read more

Five tips for keeping your job search secret

I remember a time when I was looking for a new job. I knew what I had to do – find job roles that looked interesting, research the company and send in my application(s). The problem was, I was already employed. So I wanted to keep my job search secret. This is a really common … Read more

Tips for building a portfolio career

When I heard a career being described as a portfolio career I had no idea what the person was talking about. The concept, however, is simple: you work a number of jobs that individually would be part-time/voluntary/flexible but combine to create a full-time role (or salary). They can be whatever you want them to be. … Read more

5 tips for virtual interviews

The other day I was listening to a client telling me about her interview. It had gone well but she said she needed tips for dealing with virtual interviews. I asked her to be really specific, she sighed and said she felt different with it not being face to face. As we explored this she explained … Read more