7 ways to invest in yourself

why investing in yourself is important charlotte ashley-roberts career coach

When you invest in yourself you are doing more than spending time and money. You are putting yourself higher up your priority list. Whether it’s developing yourself personally or professionally, to invest in yourself is likely to be the best investment you make. I believe that it is important that we look after ourselves before … Read more

Are you being honest with yourself?

benefits of being honest career coach charlotte ashley-roberts blog

I’ve had to get honest with myself this week; I haven’t been doing all that I can to build my career. I had six hours to spend on my business and whilst I did achieve all I set out to, in the grand scheme of things, I could have done more. Note I am not … Read more

What if I get it wrong?

what if you knew you couldn't make a mistake

“What if I get it wrong?” my client said to me. She wasn’t the first one to say this in a coaching session, I doubt she will be the last. It is a common fear that we all face from time to time. My normal counter to this is “so what if you get it … Read more

The anxiety of change

tips to control your anxiety during change

Change is constantly happening, sometimes we choose it, sometimes it happens to us. This can bring anxiety. So often it feels that the road we are meant to take is the one which is most overwhelming and yet, if we can continue ahead, we can reap the rewards. One of my clients made huge changes … Read more