Where have you made a difference this year?

where have you made a difference personal coach charlotte ashley-roberts

If I asked you where have you made a difference this year, what would you say? If you are struggling to find an answer then here are some things to think about: Step 1: If you were to look back at this time last year, how was your career? your finances? How were you doing … Read more

What are you most proud of in your career this year?

be proud of all your career successes career coaching cambridgeshire

I was on the phone to a client yesterday and we were doing an interview preparation session. I asked her “What are you most proud of in your career?” and was greeted with silence and then a slight scoffing sound. (This is typical.) She said to me “I am not really one for boasting” and … Read more

Would you say this to a friend?

career coaching charlotte ashley-roberts st neots 5 steps to investing in yourself

As I mull over the prospect of investing in yourself I wonder if you would say this to a friend: “you know, it’s a lot of money, are you sure you’re worth it? Would it not be better to spend the time/energy/money elsewhere, on someone else, you know, who’s more worthy than you?” Or what … Read more

7 ways to invest in yourself

why investing in yourself is important charlotte ashley-roberts career coach

When you invest in yourself you are doing more than spending time and money. You are putting yourself higher up your priority list. Whether it’s developing yourself personally or professionally, to invest in yourself is likely to be the best investment you make. I believe that it is important that we look after ourselves before … Read more