It’s tidy up time

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“It’s tidy up time” I say to my daughters. One of whom looks at me with incredulity and goes back to what she’s doing and the other one grabs a cloth and starts ‘helping’ me. We all have to periodically tidy up. I have spent the past week decluttering my house. It was a bit … Read more

The power of networking for your business

how to network for your business

How important to you is networking for your business? Like any cross section of society, there will be entrepreneurs among you who love to network and those who can’t see the benefit. I hope to appeal to both sets today with an insight into why I like to network and think it’s vital for your … Read more

Finding your tribe

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Finding your tribe can feel like coming home. I love that feeling of finding like-minded people with whom I share values, hobbies and passion. I have been lucky enough to have found some fantastic and supportive tribes in my time. From the most recent: Drive the Network from whom I draw knowledge on building a … Read more

Mental load: what’s the worst that could happen?

are you suffering from the mental load

Are you suffering from the effects of ‘mental load’? It is defined as the burden of remembering (and executing) all the tasks required to run a household and was coined by French illustrator Emma.┬áIt is not just felt by women (and mothers) though they are often deemed in charge of the house (and the primary … Read more

How to ask for what you need

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I think we can all agree that we can’t do it all and that attempting to do so causes overwhelm can’t we? Once you have accepted this fact then next comes creating a strategy for creating the life you want. Before you can ask for what you need, however, you need to understand what that … Read more