Building your tribe on LinkedIn

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When it comes to career advice I often say that one of the most important things to do is network. Why? Because current information says that between 70-85% of people get their next role via networking. Much of this is done offline, over coffee or conversations with friends and family but if you’re looking to … Read more

How to build healthy self-soothing habits

Being your best self Charlotte Ashley-Roberts Coaching Cambridgeshire

I have been thinking about self-soothing. As I caught myself mid scroll as I wondered what on earth I was doing. I was barely even reading, just skimming over the text, looking, for what? I didn’t even know anymore. However, I knew it wasn’t good, I was searching for drama, something that I didn’t want … Read more

Are you planning to pivot?

career change coaching charlotte ashley-roberts cambridgeshire

I keep hearing the word ‘pivot’ in relation to changing direction in your career (or your business). It seems to have been around for a few years, a phrase coined by Jenny Blake who left Google as a Career Development Program Manager, and launched her book, ‘Pivot; The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next … Read more

How your values relate to your leadership style

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I intended to write this a few days ago, but I got distracted by the US Presidential Election. I was reflecting on why this is so, given that I live in the UK, have no influence on the outcome, nor does it have a (big) influence on me. So why does it matter? For me, … Read more

Focus on progress, not perfection

when your goals arent going to plan charlotte ashley-roberts coach cambridgeshire

I looked at my running stats, I was ten miles short of where I wanted to be that month. I spent hours working out if I could squeeze in a few more runs. Of course, I would be able to but it would mean sacrificing something else. In the back of my mind a question … Read more