What to do if you’re made redundant

career advice redundancy charlotte ashley-roberts career coach cambridgeshire

I became a careers adviser in 2009 when I was made redundant from the pharmaceutical industry. Since then I have supported over 5000 people, with almost all of them having experienced redundancy. Here’s my advice on what do if you’re at risk of redundancy or you’re made redundant.  The emotional rollercoaster of being made redundant … Read more

The power of storytelling for your career

creating a narrative career coaching charlotte ashley-roberts coach cambridgeshire

I’ve loved books since I was a small child. I got immersed in the story (truth be told, I still do). There’s a beauty in storytelling; it can encapture the reader/listener and empower the teller. It’s why stories have been passed down and around for thousands of years. A good story engages our curiosity, imagination, … Read more

Shall we dance? A lesson in building trust

getting comfortable with being uncomfortable charlotte ashley-roberts personal coaching cambridgeshire

Every month I meet with a small group of coaches for our own development. This month’s topic was building trust. We each take a turn to be coached and to coach. This week I volunteered to be the coach. At the end of the session, they ask me and the coaches to provide a piece … Read more

Career advice during Covid-19

I have been having career coaching sessions with clients during the last 10 weeks of lockdown and conversations have become more related to finding jobs and job applications rather than wider career development. The good news is that people are finding jobs, with 80% of my clients finding jobs within this time. Nevertheless, I thought … Read more