What going the extra mile means to me

kindness and giving more than is expected

‘Going the extra mile’ is often said in conjunction with customer service. I think more specifically when we are receiving a service from business as opposed to giving it. Going the extra mile is doing something more than what is expected. Depending on the context it could be: Staying late/going in early to finish an … Read more

How to create healthy relationships

Alternatives to the drama triangle charlotte ashley-roberts coaching cambridgeshire

We all want healthy relationships, don’t we? Over the last few weeks, we have covered the roles of the Drama Triangle, devised by Stephen Karpman, MD. We have looked at the Rescuer, the Victim and the Persecutor. In my research of the Drama Triangle, I came across some alternatives which I want to share with … Read more

Playing the bad guy

In our final foray into the drama triangle we looking at the Persecutor. You know, I sometimes say to my friends, when it comes to kids/coaching (similar skillset!) I occasionally have to play the bad guy. By which I mean I have to make the difficult decision or challenge someone’s behaviour. But playing the bad … Read more

We all want to play the Victim sometimes

how to stop playing the victim coaching cambridgeshire

I shared last week about being a recovering Rescuer and it resonated with many of you. So much so, I thought I’d do a little mini-series on the roles in Karpman Drama Triangle…this week is playing the Victim. What is the victim role? When people choose to play the Victim, they get to have their … Read more