What to do if you keep being rejected for jobs

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“I didn’t get the job”. Five words flashed up via my notifications and I could feel her sadness and frustration. I opened the message but couldn’t find the words to make her feel better. Yet another job rejection, it all seems so unfair. She said, “why do I keep being rejected for jobs?” It’s not … Read more

5 ways to cope as lockdown eases

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We are beginning to unlock and it’s a confusing time. I did a poll on LinkedIn this week to ask how folks are feeling as lockdown eases. 42% are feeling anxious, 44% are ready and 12% are not feeling ready at all.    It’s OK to feel anxious as lockdown eases I watched this morning … Read more

The benefits of journaling

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Do you journal? I do. In fact, it’s my most effective tool for dealing with a busy mind, particularly in the middle of the night! So much I wanted to share the benefits of journaling. Last week I realised I was self-sabotaging myself on one of my goals. Once I’d realised it played on my … Read more

Are you on cruise control?

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When we bought a new car after our third daughter arrived my partner pointed out it had cruise control. I was terrified. I hated the idea that the car was in control. He used it all time and I thought it was weird. I asked loads of questions like: What if you need to slow … Read more