So you’re thinking about making a change in your career. You are looking around at job descriptions and wondering whether it’s worth applying. One area of concern is often whether you are qualified for the job. When you are looking at job descriptions it’s really important to remember two things: 1. The person who wrote … Read more

New Start: Find what you love

charlotte ashley-roberts personal coach cambridgeshire setting goals

Every year I do monthly challenges on a range of topics, all with the intention of making small, regular, positive changes. It takes, on average, 66 days to form a new habit and so by introducing these small steps and reflections over a month you will be halfway there. For many people, one of their new year goals is … Read more

New year’s resolutions

Here we are, first week of the New Year and I am wondering how many of you are making a new start? For many of us the New Year involves making a list of all the things we want to do: losing that bit of extra weight, taking up a new hobby, stopping a certain … Read more

I just want presence

This picture popped up on my Facebook feed this morning: It is something I (try to) adopt with the people I care about all through the year although particularly at this time of year when it is easy to go overboard with the presents. Of course I can apply this to my coaching practice too. … Read more

How a random act of kindness can boost your career

career coaching your time to grow

Have you ever benefited from someone being kind to you in your career? I have. From being given an opportunity when I had no experience to receiving a thank you card when someone has appreciated my support (even though they did all the hard work) I have been a recipient of kindness in the workplace … Read more