Action planning

A goal without a plan is just a wish – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry We all know (don’t we?) that having a goal helps motivation and that having a plan helps break down those goals into manageable tasks. If you are not sure about writing down your goals and setting a plan then Forbes reports on a study … Read more

Need. Should. Inspire

When it comes to meeting your goals – what’s your motivation? I was lucky enough to hear Prof Damian Hughes (@Liquidthinker) speak in November 2015. He said there are three reasons that we do anything in life: because we feel we ‘need to’ because we ‘should’ and because we are ‘inspired’. Let’s go through them … Read more

Returning to work after a break

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Lots of people take extended breaks from work, the three most common reasons are: 1. Parental leave (until recently mostly maternity leave)/caring commitments 2. Sickness 3. Career break – perhaps to travel or due to redundancy These are often decision moments in a person’s life. Whether you are returning to a role after being off … Read more


So you’re thinking about making a change in your career. You are looking around at job descriptions and wondering whether it’s worth applying. One area of concern is often whether you are qualified for the job. When you are looking at job descriptions it’s really important to remember two things: 1. The person who wrote … Read more

New Start: Find what you love

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Every year I do monthly challenges on a range of topics, all with the intention of making small, regular, positive changes. It takes, on average, 66 days to form a new habit and so by introducing these small steps and reflections over a month you will be halfway there. For many people, one of their new year goals is … Read more