How to work from home with your kids

working from home with the kids during covid19 pandemic charlotte ashley-roberts coach cambridgeshire

When I realised 9 days ago that we would have the kids at home for two weeks my heart sank a little bit. One of the reasons I send my kids to a childminder/preschool is not just for their own benefit, but for mine too. I find it hard to switch off my Mummy mode … Read more

What other options do you have?

feeling trapped in your career coach

I love collecting good coaching questions. A ‘good’ question might reverberate around in your head or open up to more questions. It is simple, thought-provoking and gets past those bits in your brain that rush to put up barriers and make excuses. One of my favourites is: what other options do you have? Feeling trapped … Read more

Creating an exit strategy for leaving your job

exit strategy plan for leaving your job career coaching your time to grow cambridgeshire

You’ve made up your mind to leave your job…now what? Many of my clients come to me because they are ready to leave their jobs. Some folks know exactly why. For others, it’s more of a feeling that it’s just not working any more. One of the things we work on is the exit strategy. … Read more

What going the extra mile means to me

kindness and giving more than is expected

‘Going the extra mile’ is often said in conjunction with customer service. I think more specifically when we are receiving a service from business as opposed to giving it. Going the extra mile is doing something more than what is expected. Depending on the context it could be: Staying late/going in early to finish an … Read more