The benefits of working with a coach to reach your goals

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It’s International Coaching week and so I thought I might write a piece on the benefits of working with a coach to reach your goals. I’m fortunate enough to have been the coach and the coachee and wanted to share both sides of my experience. Let’s start with the basics:  What is coaching?  Coaching is about … Read more

Is your career stuck in a rut?

Getting your career back on track career coaching cambridgeshire charlotte ashley-roberts

Want to know one of the most common reasons that people come to me for career coaching? They feel stuck in a rut. Whilst we all experience ups and downs in our jobs, being stuck in a rut is different. It’s deeper, a more chronic and consistent feeling, not dissimilar to a feeling of groundhog … Read more

What to do if you keep being rejected for jobs

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“I didn’t get the job”. Five words flashed up via my notifications and I could feel her sadness and frustration. I opened the message but couldn’t find the words to make her feel better. Yet another job rejection, it all seems so unfair. She said, “why do I keep being rejected for jobs?” It’s not … Read more

You have the power to create your future

During 2020/21 I have supported over 100 people looking for work. Many of them had been made redundant. Some were taking this as an opportunity for doing something new, others wanted to remain in a similar kind of role. We talked about taking control of their career and the power to create their future.  Take … Read more