How to use LinkedIn effectively

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I’m in the process of moving from Facebook to LinkedIn. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I find I’m using Facebook less frequently both professionally and personally. I’ve used LinkedIn since I was at university. It’s pretty useful for keeping up with people I’ve met professionally. I’ve also used it to find jobs, … Read more

It’s OK to change your mind

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Have you ever found yourself some way down a path and knowing that you should probably turn back? Maybe curiosity takes you forward or perhaps a stubbornness, because, well you made the choice and you’re gonna see it through. Maybe fear has you paralysed. Whatever is going on, it’s ok to stop, check a map … Read more

Staying motivated whilst job searching

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My friend messaged me to say her hubby was at risk of redundancy and he was job searching. She asked if I could look over his CV. I agreed, of course. I asked about the kind of jobs he was looking for so that I could give him some support in tailoring it. As I … Read more

5 fears people have around changing career

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People have lots of fears around changing career. “I want to change careers but I just don’t know what to do” is a common phrase I hear in my coaching conversations. When people say this to me they could mean a variety of things including:  Not knowing how to research their options Being unsure of … Read more

Changing career after being made redundant

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One of the things I hear most in coaching conversations is the desire to change career, particularly in the case of redundancy. I’d estimate at least 60% of people want to change career after being made redundant, of which the majority do. In fact, according to change career statistics, the average person changes career 5-7 … Read more