What is your leadership USP?

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I have been updating my website (more about that soon!). Although I intended to only update the copy on the site, the course I attended took me right back to basics. Something I didn’t realise I needed – not unlike the coaching process!  I had to look at my values, the reason I got into … Read more

How do you know if you are a leader?

I have been thinking about what leadership means recently. Triggered in part by a question I was asked: how do you know if you’re a leader?    What is leadership? Defining leadership is really hard because everyone has a different opinion on what leadership is and what makes a good leader. Do they have good … Read more

Are women better leaders than men?

I was reading ‘Time To Think’ by Nancy Kline a few weeks ago and she discussed the idea that women have moved into positions of leadership by adopting men’s conditioning, seeing it as the best way to lead and have influence.    “This is not progress. Women have been encouraged to be like men when … Read more