The gift of leadership

developing your leadership skills charlotte ashley-roberts coach cambridgeshire

In my opinion, leadership is a gift often sought but not often used to its full potential. Whilst I don’t think all leaders are born, though clearly, some are, I do think that leadership skills can be developed. So whether you have been born with, or you have been given, the gift of leadership….what are … Read more

Why consistency matters in leadership

how to be a consistent leader charlotte ashley-roberts careers coach

Consistency matters in leadership – but why? Here are some of the reasons I came up with when I thought about leaders I admire: When a leader is consistent in their approach you can understand where they are coming from and they are easier to predict and work with Consistency with brand, delivery and presence … Read more

Are you a leader of change?

change management women leaders charlotte ashley-roberts

One of my favourite pictures of change is that one where the leader says “who wants change?” and everyone puts their hands up. Then the leader asks “who wants to change?” and everyone looks at the floor. Change is hard sometimes hard, especially when we don’t choose it but what if we change our perspective … Read more

How to be a motivational leader

One of my clients came to me recently to ask how they could motivate their team better. My short answer…you can’t. You can’t ever make anyone do or be what you want them to. It doesn’t work like that. However, there are leaders who people describe as motivational; those leaders who teams adore and work … Read more