5 ways to nurture your leadership skills

For my final blog in the nurture series I wanted to talk about leadership. Maybe you already lead a team, maybe you are aspiring to that. You don’t have to lead a team in a company/institution to be a leader – you might be self-employed, a parent or a volunteer down at your local sports … Read more

Balancing solitude and support

We all need support; it’s one of our human needs. When we are supported we feel connected even when we are alone. Sometimes it’s hard to reach out or to see where we are able to get support and this is something I have been witnessing over the last few weeks as part of the … Read more

Who me? Oh no, I can’t do that.

imposter syndrome in leadership charlotte ashley-roberts coaching

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not It’s been nearly a year since I last talked about imposter syndrome. I want to touch on it again today. So, have a think about the following statements:  I can’t do [x] because I’m not qualified or experienced in it  Will someone notice … Read more

The benefits of listening in the workplace

I have written about the benefits of listening generally but what effect might listening have in your workplace and on your career? Anecdotally listening seems to improve productivity, reaching your goals more quickly and creating better working relationships. All good news for your workplace, your business and your career. Listening as a manager Particularly if … Read more

“You aren’t listening to me”

how to listen better charlotte ashley-roberts coaching

I have said to my kids the dreaded phrase “you aren’t listening to me” so many times; it is so frustrating repeating myself. Then yesterday as we did something she turned to me and said “mummy, you’re not listening to me”. I wasn’t; I was doing something boring that ‘needed’ to be done and I … Read more