There is no failure, only feedback

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Change comes from action, not from intellectual understanding. This action results in feedback and learning. You could consider it a lifelong experiment on you, where you move towards your goals, live your values and challenge your limiting beliefs about yourself and others. There is no failure, only feedback.    Failure is not a person i.e. … Read more

5 ways to cope as lockdown eases

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We are beginning to unlock and it’s a confusing time. I did a poll on LinkedIn this week to ask how folks are feeling as lockdown eases. 42% are feeling anxious, 44% are ready and 12% are not feeling ready at all.    It’s OK to feel anxious as lockdown eases I watched this morning … Read more

The benefits of journaling

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Do you journal? I do. In fact, it’s my most effective tool for dealing with a busy mind, particularly in the middle of the night! So much I wanted to share the benefits of journaling. Last week I realised I was self-sabotaging myself on one of my goals. Once I’d realised it played on my … Read more

Are you on cruise control?

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When we bought a new car after our third daughter arrived my partner pointed out it had cruise control. I was terrified. I hated the idea that the car was in control. He used it all time and I thought it was weird. I asked loads of questions like: What if you need to slow … Read more

Lessons from a year in lockdown

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It’s almost 1 year to the day since my partner caught coronavirus and we went into self-isolation. The week after, the whole country plunged into lockdown one. 361 days later here’s what I learned from our year in lockdown:   10 lessons from a year in lockdown   We’re in the same storm, but not … Read more