Are you driven by a deadline?

deadline driven or task driven motivated action coaching cambridgeshire

For years I have yearned to be one of those people who get the job done way ahead of time, giving them time to be smug and relaxed. Instead, I find myself consistently working right down to the wire, feeling the pressure of the deadline. I procrastinate and I’ve berated myself for that but I … Read more

Consistency is more important than perfection

word of the year personal coaching cambridgeshire

My word for 2020 is consistency. You will most likely have seen posts on social media regarding setting a Word Of The Year (WOTY), but I wanted to take you through the process. Ultimately it is a word chosen as one of the most important words in the public sphere often at the end of … Read more

New Year: time to do it your way

setting new year goals your time to grow coaching cambridgeshire

It’s New Year’s Day and I’ve woken up to posts of ‘you are enough’ and ‘don’t do resolutions because you’re already awesome’ and whilst I agree in principle I think the real revolution is to own your goals. Be your best self It’s never time to do things because you feel you should, I’m not … Read more

It’s World Kindness Day

world kindness day 2019

It’s World Kindness Day – the 13th November. Now many of us spend time actively trying to be kinder in the world but today is a reminder to be extra kind. The great thing about kindness is that it costs nothing and you can do it anywhere and across all areas of your life. We … Read more