Shall we dance? A lesson in building trust

getting comfortable with being uncomfortable charlotte ashley-roberts personal coaching cambridgeshire

Every month I meet with a small group of coaches for our own development. This month’s topic was building trust. We each take a turn to be coached and to coach. This week I volunteered to be the coach. At the end of the session, they ask me and the coaches to provide a piece … Read more

What to do when you’re feeling frustrated

coping with feelings of frustration coaching charlotte ashley-roberts personal career coach cambridgeshire

I asked the members of the Think, Grow, Be Inspired group how they were feeling this week. Every single reply said frustrated, fed up, angry. I thanked them for sharing and I said I was feeling frustrated too. It got me thinking about what to do when you’re feeling frustrated.  What is frustration?  One of … Read more

Measuring your self-worth

deepen your self-worth charlotte ashley-roberts coach cambridgeshire

A client had been talking aloud about how she kept finding herself wanting to step in and help people. Suddenly, she paused, then she said “I think my self worth is tied to recognition” then, she went silent. I could see the processing happening as the lightbulb went off in her mind. I love these … Read more

How do you cultivate your creativity?

being more creative personal coaching cambridgeshire

Are you creative? How do you demonstrate your creativity? (If you believe you are creative). When I was young I loved to make those pictures that built up in layers. I thought I had ‘nice’ handwriting (though not as beautiful as my Dad’s) and I dabbled a bit in writing poetry – an outlet for … Read more