How to trust your voice as a leader

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How much do you trust your voice as a leader? If you don’t, you’re not alone. When I speak to women in leadership roles one thing that comes up time and time again is that they don’t trust their voice. It’s almost whispered, a secret they don’t want to say out loud. They’re ashamed and … Read more

How can you be more vulnerable?

We could all do with being more vulnerable. My daughters have taught me so much about being vulnerable and I’d like to share a story and ask: how can you be more vulnerable? I collected my middle daughter from school yesterday and I could hear her playing a game with her favourite teachers. I heard … Read more

We don’t have to catch up

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It’s May 2021 and we are now allowed to hug (if we want to). As I hugged my friend I felt this relief and huge emotional release. It’s really hard to explain. We joked that we had so much hugging to catch up on. As we went our separate ways I pondered this thought. Do … Read more