One simple reason you’re stuck in your goals

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I was listening to a client the other day talking about her goals. She was setting SMART goals, making an action plan and yet she was feeling stuck. As I listened I pondered. Then it became clear what was going on. Let me share one simple reason you’re stuck in your goals. Every decision has … Read more

Your feelings are valid

it's ok to feel frustrated in lockdown charlotte ashley-roberts coach

She asked me as she passed by “how’s it going, you know?”. I knew what she meant. Of course, I knew. It’s all any of us are talking about. Lockdown learning. “Yeah, it’s going well,” I said, “better than last time, the learning is more structured which works better for us”. She couldn’t feign her … Read more

The frustration of my to-do list

I went to share an email about my goal setting webinar, a five-minute job, but as I wrote it and went to get the link to the associated workbook, I realised the workbook needed updating – another five-minute job. This happens all the time, the frustration of getting through my to-do list. Specifically, going to … Read more

The doorknob moment

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In the last ten years there have been many, many moments where a client and I have finished the session and as they’ve gone to leave the room has turned to me and said “just one last thing”. During my coach training, I learned there is a name for this…The doorknob moment, or sometimes known … Read more

The power of everyday kindness

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Let me tell you a story of the power of everyday kindness. My friends and I set up a message group early on in the Covid-19 pandemic, so we could ask for help and support when isolating. Fast forward eight months and we still use it to chat, vent, share ideas and ask for help.  … Read more