New year’s resolutions

Here we are, first week of the New Year and I am wondering how many of you are making a new start? For many of us the New Year involves making a list of all the things we want to do: losing that bit of extra weight, taking up a new hobby, stopping a certain … Read more

I just want presence

This picture popped up on my Facebook feed this morning: It is something I (try to) adopt with the people I care about all through the year although particularly at this time of year when it is easy to go overboard with the presents. Of course I can apply this to my coaching practice too. … Read more

Imagine the possibilities

She believed she could, so she did  – R.S. Grey I just keep coming back to this quote. From my personal life, particularly as I enter the final trimester of this pregnancy, to my professional life as I develop myself as a coach and talk to others about their hopes and dreams. Having written about TED talks, nature and careers/recruitment … Read more