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I know when you are looking for support through a transition it's not always straightforward, sometimes you want something a bit broader, other times, something more specific.

Here are the most common types of coaching I'm asked for...if you can't find what you're looking for please get in touch.

Business Coaching

Are you a female business owner who would like to transform your business? Would you like to build resilience, momentum and motivation to grow your business?

Career Coaching

Are you at a cross-roads in your career? Returning to work after a break? Perhaps you’re looking for a career which makes your soul happy? Are you ready to discover your direction?

Leadership Coaching

Are you a leader or an aspiring leader? Are you ready to own your successes and awaken your potential? Do you suffer from imposter syndrome and want to realise your true worth?

Return to Work Coaching

Are you pregnant or on maternity leave? Have you had kids and are now considering returning to work? Are you ready to break through the barriers and reignite your career?

Personal Coaching

Do you feel a need to make a change but have no idea where to start? Maybe you feel unconfident and feel you’ve lost who YOU are? Do you want to feel authentic and empowered?

Grow Your Business

Are you a female business owner who would like to grow your business? Are you looking for something affordable? Something to keep you accountable and to build your tribe?