3 reasons to give yourself permission to change

3 reasons to give yourself permission to change your time to grow coaching blog

I had a conversation with a client about a month ago about routines. I said to her ” you know, it’s ok to change your routine if you want to”; “Is it?” she replied. We often are so hard on ourselves that we forget to give ourselves permission to change. When I say change I … Read more

It’s time to stop being so hard on yourself

It's time to stop being so hard on yourself your time to grow blog member only

Are you your own worst enemy? I have spoken to three people this week who are being hard on themselves. It can be easier to forgive others before we forgive ourselves and some of us hold ourselves more accountable and to a much higher standard than we hold others. Margie Warrell author of the book … Read more

What’s in it for me?

getting your chimp brain under control

Have you read the Happiness Hypothesis by Johnathan Haidt or The Chimp Paradox by Steve L Peters? My brother introduced me to the latter a number of years ago and it literally changed my way of thinking. I suddenly understood why I thought the way I did and why I reacted to certain situations in a way that … Read more

Everything is a choice

what will you choose charlotte ashley-roberts personal coach cambridgeshire

I believe in life that everything is a choice. Now I am sure that some of you will say that there are some events in life that we cannot change and I agree with you, however, how we react to these events IS a choice. We may not always make the ‘right’ choice and we … Read more